CSCC To Hold Second Annual Opening Convocation

Friday, August 11, 2017
Students were encouraged by Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC President, to sign the “My Future’s So Bright” banner at CSCC’s inaugural convocation and 50th anniversary celebration last year to ensure students commit to completing their degrees.
Students were encouraged by Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC President, to sign the “My Future’s So Bright” banner at CSCC’s inaugural convocation and 50th anniversary celebration last year to ensure students commit to completing their degrees.

Cleveland State Community College will be hosting its second annual Convocation on Thursday, Aug. 31 in the L. Quentin Lane Gymnasium. Last year, CSCC held its inaugural Convocation while also commemorating its 50th anniversary celebration. 

"CSCC’s strategic plan calls for the development of additional events that add to the sense of community and tradition, and the opening Convocation fits into this purpose by bringing the community together to greet CSCC’s newest members and celebrating its mission and history,"" officials said.

“Cleveland State's newest tradition got off to a great start last year as we used our first Convocation to be the kick-off for our 50th Anniversary Celebration,” said Dr. Bill Seymour, CSCC president. “This year, all of the focus and celebration will be on our students. In particular, the Convocation provides a formal welcome to our newest students and helps them engage with the Cleveland State family.”

The Convocation will include greetings from Dr. Seymour, as well other key speakers, Staff Senate, Faculty Senate and Student Senate presidents. There will also be performances by CSCC’s small group ensemble, Vocal Rhapsody. 

Dr. Michael Stokes, vice president for Student Affairs, said, “Convocation is an important part of how we start the new academic year at CSCC. By gathering all together---students, faculty, and staff---we're able to build a greater sense of community and help students engage more in the life of the college and what it means to be a student at Cleveland State.”

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