Bradley County Commission Continues Discussion About SPCA

Tuesday, December 16, 2014 - by Hollie Webb

During a Monday Bradley County Commission meeting, Commissioner Mark Hall requested to be taken off the SPCA board. 

He said, "I think renegotiating with the city is the only answer."

He also said, "Our constituents are tired of it...there are issues other than animal control we need to address in Bradley County."

The SPCA agreement has been a source of conflict for many months now.

Commissioner Charlotte Peak had also previously resigned from the SPCA board after a particularly tempestuous meeting. 

However, Commissioner Dan Rawls said that there is nothing wrong with the SPCA and that it is "already achieving its goal."

Chairman Louie Alford finally said, "Let's put this to rest for a while, folks."

He also said about working with the city, "I don't feel like walking into a lion's den with an ad hoc committee that's not equally balanced."

Commissioner Rawls said, "There is no problem with the SPCA. The system works. Most of this is sabotage."

He told the commission that some of the "primary agitators" have been women whose husbands lost their jobs with animal control in the city. 

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