2012-13 Winter Trout Stocking Program Underway

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

The winter trout stocking program of the Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency is underway. TWRA plans to release more than 90,000 rainbow trout into Tennessee waters from December through March.

The program provides numerous close to home trout fishing opportunities for Middle and West Tennessee anglers during the winter months. These fisheries also provide a great opportunity to introduce children or first-time anglers to fishing.

The previously scheduled Dec. 14 stocking on the Harpeth River in Franklin has been cancelled. The shoreline around the former location of the old dam removed over the summer is being re-vegetated. Officials want a few more weeks for the vegetation to take hold in the area. The Jan. 25 stocking at the site is expected to take place as scheduled.

The trout will average about 10 inches in length. The daily creel limit is seven, but there is no size limit.

TWRA has announced a list of locations to receive stockings in this year’s program. Please note that the dates and locations are subject to change. Updates can be found on TWRA’s website at www.tnwildlife.org under the For Anglers section.

TWRA Tentative Winter Trout Stocking Dates 2012-13

(Dates are subject to change, so check the TWRA website often)

November, 2012

30 - J. Percy Priest Tailwater (Nashville)

December, 2012

    • 4 - Sulphur Fork Creek (Springfield)
    • 4 - Shelby Bottoms Park (Nashville)
    • 5 - West Fork Stones River (Murfreesboro)
    • 6 - Lafayette Pond (Lafayette)
    • 6 - Marrowbone Lake (Joelton)
    • 7 - Lake Graham (Jackson)
    • 7 - Nice's Mill (Smyrna)
    • 11 - Cameron Brown Lake (Germantown)
    • 11- Edmund-Orgill Park (Millington)
    • 11 - Shelby Farms (Memphis)
    • 11 - Johnson Park Lake (Collierville)
    • 12 - Martin City Pond (Martin)
    • 12 - Union City Reelfoot Packing Site (Union City)
    • 12 - Paris City Park (Paris)
    • 12 - McKenzie City Park (McKenzie)
    • 12 - Stone Bridge Park (Fayetteville)
    • 12 - Billy Dunlop Park (Clarksville)
    • 12 - Cane Creek Park Lake (Cookeville)
    • 13 - Davies Plantation and Yale Road Park (Bartlett)
    • 13 - Munford City Park (Munford)
    • 13 - Kingston Springs Park (Kingston Springs)
    • 13 - J.D. Buckner Park (Dickson)
    • 14 - McCutcheon Creek (Spring Hill)
    • 17 - Beech Lake (Lexington)

January, 2013

    • 3 - Lake Junior (Chattanooga) *Fishing allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - daylight hours only -January 1 through April 30.
    • 4 - East Fork Shoal Creek (Lawrenceburg)
    • 4 - J. Percy Priest Tailwater (Nashville)
    • 4 - Oneida City Park (Oneida)
    • 10 - Lake Graham (Jackson)
    • 10 - Athens Rec. Paark (Athens)
    • 11 - Nice's Mill (Smyrna)
    • 15 - Cameron Brown Lake (Germantown)
    • 15 - Edmund-Orgill Park (Millingting)
    • 15 - Shelby Farms (Memphis)
    • 15 - Johnson Park Lake (Collierville)
    • 16 - Beech Lake (Lexington)
    • 16 - McKenzie City Park (Mckenzie)
    • 16 - Martin City Pond (Martin)
    • 16 - Union City - Reelfoot Packing Site (Union City)
    • 16 - Paris City Park (Paris)
    • 17 - Munford City Park Pond (Munford)
    • 17 - Davies Plantation and Yale Road Park (Bartlett)
    • 17 - Big Rock Greenway (Lewisburg)
    • 18 - Duck River at Fisherman's Paark (Shelbyville)
    • 18 - Duck River at Riverside Dam (Columbia)
    • 22 - Cowan City Park (Cowan)
    • 23 - Cane Creek Park (Cookeville)
    • 24 - Shelby Bottoms Park (Nashville)
    • 25 - McCutcheon Creek (Spring Hill)
    • 25 - Harpeth River (Franklin)
    • 31 - Lafayette Pond (Lafayette)

February, 2013

    • 1 - West Fork Stones River (Murfreesboro)
    • 1 - J. Percy Priest Tailwater (Nashville)
    • 6 - Sulphur Fork Creek (Springfield)
    • 7- Billy Dunlop Park (Clarksville)
    • 7 - Stone Bridge Park Pond (Fayetteville)
    • 8 - Nice's Mill - West Fork of the Stones River (Smyrna)
    • 13 - Lake Junior (Chattanooga)*  
      *Fishing allowed on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays - daylight hours only - January 1 through April 30.
    • 14 - Pickett Lake at Pickett State Park (Jamestown)
    • 14 - J.D. Buckner Park (Dickson)
    • 14 - Kingston Springs Park (Kingston Springs)
    • 15 - Marrowbone Lake (Joelton)
    • 21 - Cowan City Park (Cowan)
    • 22 - McCutcheon Creek (Spring Hill)
    • 22 - Harpeth River (Franklin)
    • 28 - Big Rock Greenway (Lewisburg)

March, 2013

    • 1 - J. Percy Priest Tailwater (Nashville)
    • 6 - Sulfur Fork Creek (Springfield)
    • 8 - Nice's Mill (Smyrna)
    • 13 - East Fork Shoal Creek (Lawrenceburg)
    • 15 - Duck River at Riverside Dam (Columbia)
    • 21 - Shelby Bottoms Park (Nashville)
    • 21 - Cowan City Park (Cowan)
    • 22 - McCutcheon Creek (Spring Hill)
    • 22 - Harpeth River (Franklin)

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